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Fields of Faith

    "Fields of Faith" 2019 in Idaho & Eastern Oregon - October 9th

 TWO sites committed at this time, more info to come as the 2019/2020 school year gets underway!

West Treasure Valley
Sunday, September 29th - Nyssa HS Football Field - 6-8pm
Nampa - Caldwell Area
Wednesday, October 9th - Skyview HS Football Field - 6 PM - 8:00pm, 6 PM food trucks & tailgate party with the event starting at 7PM

More to come!

WHAT IS FIELDS OF FAITH?  It is a student led event. Students invite, pray for, share with, and challenge their peers to read the Bible and follow Jesus Christ.   An athletic field provides a neutral, rally point where a community can come together.

WHAT WILL HAPPEN AT A FIELDS OF FAITH EVENT? The event should start with prayer.  Then, students will be sharing their faith testimonies.  After this, students will be challenging their peers to read the Bible and to come to faith in Jesus Christ.  Typically a Fields of Faith event lasts 45-90 minutes and is open to all people of all ages.